Unfortunately was not the skiing in Iceland what we hoped for. It was not the possibilities or snow conditions that stopped us, but the weather. We tried to climb the mountain Snaefjellsnes twice. First time was it not even worth starting the climb, the weather was terrible when we reached the base of the mountain. The weather was sunny and very nice the second time we tried, but after 1 hour of ski touring (and 30 min from the summit), clouds rapidly moved in over the mountain. They were almost glued to the mountain and strange enough was it sunny and nice all around the mountain. No chance at all to do a photo shoot - can’t win them all !!!! We managed though to get a run of skiing in the fog.

Without the skiing, we instead focused on exploring some of the Icelandic miracles. First we did the “Golden circle” with stops at:

" Geyser: a filled full of small and large geyser. The largest active with blows

of up to 35 meter high

" Guldfoss: spectacular waterfall

" Blue Lagoon: large area with very relaxing hot springs

We also explored some huge caves that is hidden in the lava fields. Driving around in the countryside is amazing in itself with the diverse nature; huge lava fields, high mountains rising from the ocean, waterfalls, river, small fishing villages, etc.

We also checked out a whale station, which has been closed for a number of years due to the regulation of killing whales. Iceland though killed 6 whales last summer to just make a point that no one shall decide what the Icelanders shall though. Some huge spectacular cheek bones were still on the ground.

Did you know that beer was banned in Iceland during 74 years and was again allowed in 1987. Beer was dangerous, but spirits was allowed!!!!!!

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