Video: The Bunch hyllar JP Auclair
Pär Hägglund i quarterpipen under The JP Memorial i Riksgränsen. Foto: Chris O'Connell

Video: The Bunch hyllar JP Auclair

Svenska The Bunch hyllar legenden JP Auclair på sitt eget vis under The JP Memorial i Riksgränsen nyligen.

Hey Man!
Hope all is well up there, that you're shredding a lot of fresh clouds with Biggie and all that.
Unfortunately we never got to meet you in this life.
But of what we can understand you added a big part of the style in our lifestyles.
Just wanted to toss a major shouts for that and everything else you did for the skiing community and the rest of the world. Teaching us all how to have a real #goodtime, truly inspiring.

Oh and by the way, we won the price for Most fun. Pretty good price to win huh?

This years memorial for you was real turnt up, we had a shit tone of fun and made a lot of new and old friends. I can't tell you how much we all wish you where here. 

Yours truly
The Bunch

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