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Trailer-tablå: höstens skidfilmer 2020

Trailersäsongen är redan igång och trots en annorlunda och kortare säsong än vanligt är utbudet av filmer som kommer i höst riktigt lovande.

Text: Gabriella Edebo • 2020-09-05 Uppdaterad 2021-03-30

Artikeln uppdateras allteftersom nya trailers släpps på nätet. Scrolla ner för det senast tillkomna.

Matchstick Productions – Huck Yeah!

Matchstick Productions 2020 ski film is packed with the best skiers in the world charging hard and having fun in some of the most spectacular locations. Prepare to have your mind blown as Hoji, Sam Kuch, Bobby Brown and the breakout girl posse ”The Blondes,” have the time of their lives shredding and stomping. With the global shut-down of the pandemic we are reminded how important it is to spend time outdoors with friends having fun. This film is a balance of personal action segments and location/story-based segments that not only show progressive skiing but interesting stories. Grab a beer, some popcorn and yell ”Huck Yeah!’ with the most fun ski movie of 2020. Dropping in September of 2020.

Lucas Wachs | Janelle Yip | Sam Kuch | Lucy Sackbauer | Chris Rubens | McKenna Peterson | Connery Lundin | Emily Childs | Bobby Brown | Arianna Tricomi | Mark Abma | Michelle Parker | Eric Hjorliefson | Tonje Kvivik | Karl Fostvedt

Teton Gravity Research – Make Believe

”Inspiration is evoked spontaneously and without intention…” Sometimes it comes in the form of a photograph, a chance encounter on a chairlift, or a glimpse at a mountain never seen before. When combined with motivation, the spark of inspiration becomes a dream, and when pursued gives our lives a new purpose. For 25 years TGR has focused on turning ’Make Believe’ into reality, from exploring powder stashes in our backyard playground to first descents on unnamed peaks, the ethos of ”live the dream” has defined our adventures. ”Make Believe” celebrates today’s athletes who have committed to this ethos, the ones who have fallen deeply in love with the mountain life, the people who have chosen to live their lives in a particular way, from inception to reality, the ones who choose to make and believe in their dreams.

Blake Wilson, Caite Zeliff, Christina Lustenberger, Colter Hinchliffe, Griffin Post, Ian McIntosh, Jake Hopfinger, Kai Jones, Karl Fostvedt, Mikey Marohn, Nick McNutt, Parkin Costain, Sam Smoothy, Sammy Carlson, Tim Durtschi, Tim McChesney.

Coline Ballet-Baz Skivas

Skivas is a 100% female ski movie by Coline Ballet-Baz, produced by BUG Visionaries and directed by UPLAND Films. 10 of the best female skiers and snowboarders meet during 2020 winter season to stack shots in urban, freeride and backcountry, and to show how Freeskiing is more than a sport, but a lifestyle and an art.

Coline Ballet-Baz, Taylor Lundquist, Marion Haerty, Juliette Willmann, Emma Dahlström, Jennie-Lee Burmansson, Rosina Friedel, Kim Lamarre, McKenna Brown, Marie Bovard.

Henrik HarlautSalute

” SALUTE ” is a 2 year project, a world wide trip taking you through the backcountry, the streets, behind the comps and into the park. Follow Henrik Harlaut and some of the World best skiers as they embark on the 2019 and 2020 seasons. From dedication, to history and dominance, take a deeper dive into what really makes Henrik tick. This is a SALUTE to freeskiing.

Henrik Harlaut, Øystein Bråten, Karl Fostvedt, Jacob Wester, Chris Logan, Sammy Carlson, Clayton Vila, Noah Albaladejo, Cam Riley, Oscar Wester, Tom Ritsch, Isaac Simhon, Valentin Morel, Morten Grape.

Nada Film – Base Reality

Are we living in a simulation? Trailer for a short ski film based on theory laid out by philosopher Nick Bostrom, produced by Marcus Rönne featuring the skiing of Jacob Wester, filmed in Chamonix, France.

Jacob Wester

Frozen AmbrosiaTanner Hall Forever 

With seven Winter X-Games gold medals and a career spanning twenty years, Tanner Hall has cemented himself as an icon and legend in the sport of skiing. Now, at age 35, he’s decided to enter the Freeride World Tour; a five-stop competition circuit in which skiers are judged on their ability to descend through rugged, un-groomed terrain. Having never competed in a freeride competition, Tanner embarks on the latest chapter of his career, struggling against the limits of an aging body while confronting the darkest memories of his past.

Tanner Hall

Jeremy Jones / TGR – Purple Mountains 

Our outdoor playgrounds are in peril and our votes this November will decide their future. Professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones has watched winters change drastically during his 45 years spent in the mountains. More extreme weather, fewer snow days, and economic strain on mountain towns. And yet, climate change remains a divisive issue.
In the new film Purple Mountains, Jeremy seeks common ground in the heart of America’s purple states, having honest discussions with individuals who don’t see eye to eye with him.

Jeremy Jones

Level 1Nothing 

A multi-discipline short film about the relatable joy of riding down snow. Based on the life and times of Parker White. Skiing. Snowboarding. Powder Surfing. Filmed on location in Hokkaido & Mt Baker, WA.

Parker White, Duncan Adams, Forest Bailey, Lucas Stål Madison, Matt Wainhouse, Patrick McCarthy. 

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Klassisk skidfilm: the Blizzard of Aahhh’s

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Text: Gabriella Edebo • 2020-09-05
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